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Good morning chickie babies,

It's supposed to hit 50 degrees today Of course that will probably be for 45 minutes somewhere around 2pm - but I'll take it. And at least unlike all the nicer autumn days I missed because I was stuck in the store, today I can enjoy it.

DH was talking about how he'd like to have an open house here sometime during the holidays - more likely a weekend day in December. Not sure how I feel about that - would mean I would definitely have to step up decorating the house. On one hand that would push me to do it, but then I am so tired on my work days and the following day I have off. I have to think on it some more... And I really do need to gather up and organize my Christmas stuff anyway. Still scattered about the property.

Mel - so you did get alot of snow? I was watching the weather online and it went from light snow to blizzard to continued snow so I figured you were getting socked. I sure hope that the maintenance guys come dig you out and that Ritchie doesn't have to do it. That's great that he finally got some gas. Now people will be needing that gas for the snow blowers! It's an understatement that you need some meditative time - but I'm glad you do take time to step away and clear the head. Hope this is not an indication of a long winter ahead for you guys.

Laura - like you, I've walked through the museum several times and looked at the paintings and such but never really understood in depth what the art was about. A lot of the time I'd walk down in the summer, sit on the wall and people watch - it was a great place for people watching! Also they must have an art school on Wabash as I remember seeing the young artsy set outside smoking and they had the wild clothes and hairstyles of those who chose to "express themselves artistically" in life

Michelle - I can only imagine how draining it would be to flop in late at night only to have to get up in the dark to go do it again. Hope you can stay awake today. Sorry to hear about the passing of your aunt. I hope the refrigerator repairs are not that expensive. That really stinks that you have to foot the bill. And yes, Metformin can cause some unpleasant side effects. Very unpleasant. Especially at first. If they don't calm down after 30 days as your body adjusts - tell the doctor. There are several types of medications and some are easier on the tummy. I had to go off Metformin - was too harsh on me.

Annie - funny you mention the movie Deliverance. I caught a snippet of it last week - the best part where the guy and the kid do the Dueling Banjos part. Like alot of stuff from the 70's - you realize looking back that it's sooo cheesy. That was when Burt Reynolds was in his heyday. He's got a designer skin tight outfit on - so NOT what hunters would be wearing And I'm sure not what deranged brother was sporting either Or maybe he was which is part of what makes him deranged So Sassy is 5 pounds. Guess that's about as big as she'll get? That's a good weight for a lap / side of thigh dog who squeezes in between your lap and the chair.

Not sure what we will do today - supposed to take a ride up north, not sure if we are going to do that - we really don't have to go, just were going to get out of the house. I could look up recipes for my new crock pot. I have the fixings for a beef vegetable soup but anything else I'd have to go to the store. This might be a good day to go work in the garage if it's going to warm up a bit. Hmmm ... decisions.

Anyway - have a good day everyone.
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