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Morning all. Train delays. We're finally moving after sitting a while.

Happy - Your dinner sounded yummy. Enjoy your two days off, and have fun with the new crockpot. The museum talk was fine. It was about the Delacroix painting Lion Hunters, not my cup of tea, but the talk was interesting & I learned something. It is a nice way to get out of the office. I'm looking forward to going there & exploring. Thinking back I realize I never saw all that much of the museum in the past, just highlights.

Shad- Must be frustrating that there's no match of expectations. What a position to be put in. Hang in there - it's Friday!!

Annie- hope your tummy feels better! Glad C had a nice time fishing yesterday. I agree, better than hunting.

Mel - this is a true test for all of you, and it sounds like you & jen & richie are all hanging in there. I'm sure the meditation is a welcome respite from all the chaos. Glad you've got that.

Hi to Ellen, Michelle, Patty & Java.

Nothing to report from my little corner of the world, so I'll post before I lose this.
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