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Good morning gals. It is here this morning, 31 degrees. I can tell it is cold as the furnace has been on most of this morning and I have it set at 69. It looks kind of cloudy this morning, but at least it isn't what is happening in the east. They get slammed with that hurricane then the same storm hits them with a noreaster. I feel so sorry for them.

I am watching best food ever this morning and it is all about bakeries. Maybe not such a good idea, but one of the bakeries is here in Memphis and I didn't even know it existed. It is called Miss Muffin, but they no longer make muffins but fancy cakes and they don't use foudant but buttercream. The cakes look just like foudant cakes. I think next year I will get Jack one for his birthday with some kind of Navy theme. They are showing a bakery in Philadelphia owned by a family of black women that makes cakes and they are all flavored lb cakes. These are not lightweights as they do use a pound of butter and use a dozen eggs and she used heavy cream instead of milk. I would say they are not diet friendly at all. She was making a cake called "Company's Comin'" and is a coconut cake. I despise coconut so it didn't bother me at all!

We have commissary and both haircuts this weekend so we shall be busy. At the moment, I just want to wrap myself in a heating pad and blanket. I have had a horrible backache and cramps since yesterday. Ibuphrophen will work for awhile, but doesn't last and neither does something supposedly to last longer. This has worn me down so much I am almost to the point of saying stop and talking to her about the hysterectomy again. This is no way to live. It makes it hard to work at losing weight because I just feel so lousy. Until all this started a few years ago I was upbeat all the time. Now I just feel beat down instead and I hate it.

I have worked on my socks just a bit when I get tired of knitting on Thomas's and they are cute color combos. I am going to sit in the recliner and knit this morning until I feel better than get to going on chores.

Everyone have a super day today and keep dry and warm. Only a couple weeks until Thanksgiving. I can't believe it! The kids will be here in just 3 weeks. Faye
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