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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful sunny day, warm enough to have the sliding door open for Ernie and his little brother, and just a slight breeze. I made a grocery run this morning; $100 used to fill at least 10 - 15 grocery bags but not any more. I made chili for lunch and that's been the extent of my efforts for the day.

Maggie -- on the maintain! You know the saying that it is better than a gain any day. I do get recipes from Pillsbury but I must admit I am lax about studying them if I am in a hurry going through emails. I'm glad your Christmas tree and ornaments arrived safely. I know you will enjoy getting your village ready for Christmas. If you don't watch tv then getting rid of it and saving money would be a good choice for you. I have the tv on most of the time because we have music channels if there is nothing I want to watch. Can't beat music from the 50s and 60s!

"Gma" -- It makes me so mad that the media can report stats from the east before the west is finished voting. Just wait and see all the "hidden" taxes that are going to go into effect because of O's bright ideas. Farm land, rent, and equipment is just the beginning. I've never had hot potato salad. How do you make it? I looked for Lean Pretzel wraps this morning and didn't find any. I will check the other store and WM next time I'm there.

I need to take a check to be paid, to the hospital, and also pay for a Christmas tree I bought. It's metal with nothing on it so could leave it up year around although I probably won't. I have bell practice later this afternoon and then plan to watch a NO politics evening of tv. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday!
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