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Default Charleston She Crab Soup

I LOVE CRAB naturally i would love love love she crab soup!!! living in charleston, she crab soup is available at most of the local restaurants...only, LOADED with carbs, fat and way way way too many calories!! this is my alternative!! yes ALTERNATIVE!!!!!!

2 cups veggie puree
8 ounces snow crab leg crab meat (please....DO NOT INSULT ME AND USE FAKE RUBBERY STUFF!!!)
2 oz Milk allotment
2 tsp butter....yes i said butter, i will sometimes use butter instead of olive oil, so just omit if you like!!!
1 TBSP Old Bay Seasoning or taste!! i use 2 TBSP!!!!
FRESH BASIL!!!! this is a must!!! i use about 4-5 leaves and just break them into small pieces
Zest of 1 lemon, and 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice DONT SKIP THIS!!! TRUST ME!!
2 TBSP tomato paste
dash or 10 of hot sauce!! i use about 12!! hahaha I LOVE IT HOT AND SPICY!!!

Start with your favorite veggie can find one of mine in my previous recipes....add this to your pot.

add the zest and lemon juice

add the rest of the lemon into your water for some lemonade!!

add the tomato paste, hot sauce and old bay seasoning

add your butter and milk....and then....

i LOVE CRAB LEGS!!! I BUY 2 LBS....COOK IT UP....have 1 lb crab legs for supper, and then crack the other and save for she crab soup!!! in a pinch you can use canned crab!! but its more fun to crack your own!!!


last....add your fresh basil....stir....and EAT THE WHOLE POT FULL!!!!


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