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Originally Posted by IP43 View Post
OK -- I'm a bit of a dinosaur sometimes with computer stuff -- SO this is my first time using Google Docs...

Question: If I click on that link, will it always give me the 'updated' version if Molly adds more recipes, or is this the link only for the version up to this point?
Sorry, I'm behind on Rainbow's recipe book being in the very slow land of dialup. I am updating now.

To answer your question. The link will always take you to the most current version of the recipe book. If you were to look at it at this moment, it will not have the Creme Brulle, but in just a few more minutes it will be there (still more formatting and saving as a PDF).

I suggest that you save the page when you open it to your favorites. Using the link in the future will take you to the latest copy (as long as I don't get behind again)


Here's the link again so no one has to go searching for it.

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