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OMG HAPPY, just about spit my coffee out reading about the spark between you and DH. Are you sure he wasn't after something rather than a kiss. hahahahaha..roflmao. I feel your feet hurting. I would go from heals during the day to flats at CVS at night and then would have cramps, charlie horses, whatever in my calves, arches and toes during the night. God bless your feet and tootsies...

ELLEN...good luck on your sales challenge. I do hope you win. Got my fingers crossed for you sister.

LAURA...Your weekend sounds like it was very peaceful and relaxing. I need one of those SOON.

CHELLE...glad your move went well and you had some great help. Take care of you first. Hugs to you, my friend.

Got my vote in this morning at 6:30 am before work. That is done. We are having a blood drive at work today, hopefully I have taken enough iron in the past week to be able to give. My body just does not absorb it well. We shall see.

Left over birthday food for dinner last night. Was quite nice not having to put too much effort into cooking. Zap zap in the nuker, dinner!

May go to work with C on Saturday to see if that will help speed along his day. This going in at 4am and coming home at 7pm on Saturdays sucks. I think for the first time going it will be fun, after that it will be a job. haha

Hello to all the girls...

Love and hugs


Lap RNY 2/12/07

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