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OMG Annie - what an adorable little face - awwwwww - he's really a little cutie. No wonder you are so in love with him

Laura - we picked up some egg rings this weekend and DH made a fried egg sandwich on an English muffin. (He doesn't like poached eggs). It was quite tasty - especially with a bit of the cherry amaretto jam I got at one of the local craft fairs. I had a bit of a laugh imagining you with a flashlight looking for Coal's business when walking him at night. You are a good person. We lived on a corner and people would often walk their dogs at night so they DIDN'T have to pick up after them Did you have a good visit with your Mom?

Ellen - didn't know you were in the waterheater business. My sister's went out a few weeks ago. They paid to get it repaired (we all thought that was a mistake) and sure enough, the repair didn't stick and they wound up forking over big bucks to replace the thing anyway. Could have sent her your way but it's a done deal now I hope DH is able to do laproscopic gall bladder removal - the recovery is so much easier for that one. Warn him that he might get some acid reflux after the surgery, guess it's a common post surgical pain in the buttinsky thing. sure hope you come in first in sales and win the prize - if you are that close to first and you are part time you must be working your keester off and you deserve it.

Michelle - glad your move went well and you were able to rustle up some helpers. Take care of yourself and don't be getting sick now.

Annie - to answer your question about work, I have mixed feelings. I realized I am a people person and the thing I truly enjoy about the job is the banter we get with customers. However, I have noticed a distinct change over the last few weeks - we don't carry the full on suite of flavors because there isn't that much selling and it's a waste to toss it out so we tend to stick the most popular ones. While the shelves are not bare by any means, people come in, look at the reduced stock and assume it's all old. (We have expiration dates on all packages). We also seem to be getting far more of the people who are fussy and cranky or who come in, take some samples and they walk out without buying anything. So the people aspect is not so much fun this time of year. The worst part is standing on my feet non-stop and no amount of cushy socks or springy shoes will help that. I work 2 days and then on my day off my feet are sore so I don't get as much done as I'd like to. I looked at the boxes in the garage today and felt a pang of guilt that I have not gotten to them like I promised - I swear I don't know where the year ran off too! And on the positive side it's nice to have a few extra bucks in my pocket. But I'm making about what I was taking for a weekly allowance before so I guess since I'm not taking it out of the household fund that is considered a savings. So I like getting out of the house (and I think it's good for DH and I to have some time apart) but I am torn feeling that I should be doing more here at home. With the holidays coming I would like to decorate the house more than I did last year - but first I have to find all the Christmas stuff scattered among 2 garages and a basement Anyway, I guess it's like you working at CVS - has it's good points and bad, guess there's no escaping that no matter where you are.

And I need to find some relaxing shoes other than these Crocs which I think are charging up more static electricity in my body than a nuclear power plant. It's that time of year when I walk around getting zapped constantly. DH came over to kiss me good night and the spark that flew between our chests as we approached about knocked his heart out of a.fib

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