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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a dark dreary misty day in my corner of the world. It doesn't help that it is now dark an hour earlier! We had several different piles of money to count this morning; we balanced but when the "official counter" came back from the bank they had $105 more than we did! Better long than short for us! I picked up the gift shop money but didn't count it as I was later getting home and had a P.E.O. meeting this afternoon. Just got home and changed back into my comfortable jeans and sweatshirt! After sweet treats this afternoon I'm not the least bit hungry for supper.

Maggie -- on your wise food choices at the potluck yesterday! Potato salad sounds so good as I haven't made one for quite awhile. Maybe tomorrow will be the day! Good luck at WW tonight.

"Gma" -- How nice of you to knit socks for foster children. My "niece" likes funky socks and when she worked as a med tech the patients always got a kick out of them. She has a receptionist type job now so I doubt that she can wear them but maybe she does; she lives in CA. I will check out the Dick F. books; I just noticed last night the author of Bloodline is Felix, not Dick. Makes me think of Felix the cat!

I need to do a couple loads of laundry so better get at least one in the washer. Enjoy your evening. Don't forget to VOTE tomorrow so we can celebrate the end of the campaigning!

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