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Good morning chicks, just a brief check in here. I know I am still MIA most of the time, but you are all in my heart all the time. Things are pretty much the same here, DH is having his galbladder surgery on Wednesday, so he is off this week and part of next week. I am not losing, but not gaining either, and I am noticing "some" (very small) differences in inches.

We had an HR meeting at work on Tuesday last, there are going to major changes the our Supervisor levels. I am not happy with how they handled some things, but for now I am going to keep my head down and make my sales. I am currently in the lead for our 1st place sales bonus. (most preimium pkg sold) it is a very small lead and I am up against full time people. I am so tired of coming in 2nd!! I have until Nov 15...I am hoping I can stay ahead. So, Laura if you need a water heater cive me a call, I can hook you up!! ROFL

The kids are all entrenched in school, DS and DD1 both are doing well, but DD3 seems to have developed a problem we have Parent teaher conf in 2 weeks, I will talk to her teacher and possibly the school counselor.

I gotta get moving...Lug and hugs ladies!!
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