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Good morning ladies,

Hopefully this November day will find many of us chicks getting back to normal again.

Mel - I'm glad you got a foot and a half back into modern civilization. I can only imagine how immensely tired you must be. At first you run on sheer adrenaline but when you get a chance to stop and catch your breath, it does catch up with you. I echo Annie's sentiments not to get into overdrive and get yourself laid up with a set back. How scary that would have been if the chair gave out when you were no where near the apartment Take care my friend, it's so good to have you with us again.

Annie - glad you had a nice family gathering for S's BD. Sounds like Dad was enjoying the evening out also. I guess enjoy the time before Lil Man finds his go to mojo - I always thought as much as you want them walking, it's a mixed blessing because once they figure it out, they are into everything It always freaked me out when they'd start toddling, I saw every corner, every piece of furniture as a huge immediate danger and I'd wear myself out chasing after them. Has he gotten any teeth yet? Love those 2 toothed grins of theirs.

Ceejay - I think you can measure how good a weekend (or time off) was by how reluctant you are to return to work Glad you had a nice one.

Shad - you sound very very busy at work. Too bad the gym turned out to be a bummer. I can imagine that sweaty smell - so bad I had to go take a sniff or two of my orange coffee to get it out of my imagination Yuk!!! Reminds me of the tiny gym we had on the office complex at my old job. You had to be kind of desperate to work out there. I think you are better with a walk - and 45 minutes is a good one! Sounds like each account you get to is more chaotic than the last - poor planning or just not enough people to get the job done? Most probably too many managers pontificating and not enough worker bees trying to sort out the edicts and find a path to success... Geez do I sound jaded?

Laura - guess with the time change and approaching winter, you'll be walking Coal at night now by the time you get home. Did you have a nice weekend all by yourself? Sometimes I like having the house all to myself.

Michelle - hope you got moved in all snug as a bug. Fresh start.

Ellen - I saw an advertisement for the TV show Undercover Boss and I guess on a future show they are going to be doing a segment on the Tilted Kilt. Geez, with the "outfits" the waitresses wear - why bother wearing any clothes at all??? People don't seem to have a problem showing their goods to the world any more Anyway I saw one of those restaurants when we stopped in Rockford to gas up - don't care how good the food is, would not be a place I'd be running to.

Hi Patty, Java and Carla if she is lurking around

Didn't do much yesterday - some laundry, vacumning, dusting - just flitting about. Back to work today and tomorrow then off till Saturday. I made a pot of cream of broccoli soup but didn't really like how it came out. I'll eat some of it, just because I don't want to waste all the ingredients I put into it. Lost my ambition by the time it came to making the potato soup - maybe DH will try that - good because it's for him anyway Anyway I need to hop in the shower and get on with the day. Happy Monday ladies...
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