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Hi everyone -

Mellie - How are things in NJ? I hope you, Jen and Richie are doing ok. Sending much love and many prayers your way.

No time for other personals today. I hope you're all doing well.

The move went GREAT! I had 4 men and 2 women helping me (5 are former co-workers and one is a Zumba buddy). We were done in about 2.5 hours, and then I took the gang out for lunch and drinks at Buffalo Wild Wings. I went back over to the house Saturday afternoon and yesterday to continue to pack up the smaller stuff, and sometime this month or next, I'll have to get all my stuff out of the basement.

My ex spent Saturday morning down in Milwaukee taking the dogs to the groomers and going into work for a few hours. Then Saturday afternoon, he noticed my car was leaking he spent a few hours Saturday and more time on Sunday diagnosing and fixing the problem. He let me use his SUV to take more stuff over to the new place, and I also did my laundry at the house too. He's going to take Santa for a few days this week since I have a late counseling appointment tomorrow and have to work late on Wednesday. The ex is being very accommodating, and downright nice.

He even cared enough to insist I go to the walk-in clinic on Saturday when he heard me wheezing and coughing....sure enough my sinus infection turned into a full-blown upper respiratory infection/bronchitis. I was going to wait until Sunday to go to the doc, but he reminded me that with my lungs if I delayed the antibiotics by even a day, it would just get more entrenched.

I'm accepting the fact that we had been growing apart the last few years due to poor communication on both sides. It doesn't excuse him for what he did....but I have to take responsibility for my part in this. Anyway, even though we're being nice to each other, we realize there's no chance of reconcilliation....and neither of us want that. We both realize we will have a better chance at a happier future if we're apart. I can, and will, go back to CA where my family is. It will all work out for both of us.

Since I'm not feeling that great with this upper respiratory infection and since I get weak and tired easily, I haven't unpacked much in my new place. Just the bare minimum to allow me to eat, sleep, get ready for work, and of course, care for Santa. Santa's acclimating well to his new home. I hope he does okay home alone today and doesnt bark all day.

I want to thank you all for your love, support and prayers. I love you all so very much.

Much love and many hugs,

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