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Back at it Monday...another day, another dollar.

Yesterday was really nice. Curtis went over and picked dad up to come for Sissy's BD dinner. We had fried chicken, potato cakes, greenbeans, mac n cheese, and apple pie for dinner. Played 3 rounds of Euchre. We were all tired after the 2nd game, then dad announces how about the rubber match to see who the champions would be. So we did. Didn't take dad home til 7:30 last night, which is very late for him. lol happy you have power and can maybe get back to a little bit of normal. Number one is to take care of you, not everybody else. If you are tired, rest...hungry, eat...cannot afford for you to get sick...I am very sure they will all be there b*tching when you return.

SHADDIE..I could so relate to the Hokey Pokey-iness of the work site. It puts me in a bad mood when I cannot find the path to organization. Goodluck this week at the "games". lol

CHELLE...hope you got all moved in, nice and cozy in your new place. You bring home the bacon, fry it up in a are WOMAN!....

CEEG...sounds like you got a burst of energy with raking leaves and washing the car and traveling. Save some strength for you. Lil man is not walking yet, still trying to catch up with the world. He is pulling up and walking around things holding won't be long.

HAPPY...thanks for the update on Mellie. Hope you enjoyed your weekend off...haha...I am sure only to put time into the homestead. No rest for the weary.

PATTY...bummer, losing your post...that just erks me. Especially when you think your post has really something profound to say.

LAURA...hope your weekend was good.

ELLEN..come up for air sister!

Prayers to all....loves and hugs


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