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Good to hear from you Mel,
Go and get some rest. E-mails, posts and thoughts from chicks are all there and will not go away.
Hoping that life returns to normal for you very soon.

Meantime, it is Monday. My weekend was very quiet, caught up with some reading, family, friends and did very little. Did however manage to exercise - it takes 45 minutes to go round the outside of the CBD here in Darwin at a fast walk or jog. So that is what I do, early in the morning. However yesterday I went down to the gym in the building. A never to be forgotten experience. The place smelt of sweat, mostly male sweat and that really smells believe me.

Anyway, no time for personals right now. I'm off to Highway House, then back here for a meeting, then somewhere else for more meetings. Such fun. The Roosters have all gone on leave and left me in charge of the chicken coop. I apparently know everything there is to know now. Better get out there an bedazzle them with my brilliance or bewilder them with my bullsh*t. One or the other might work.
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