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Morning all,
06.45 am I am awake and chatting to my sister on facebook. I think she has gone to get coffee or breakfast or both so I will make a start here.

Happy - thanks for the info on Mel. I knew she would be in the thick of it and she takes things so much to heart. I just hope she can pace herself out for the duration. I'm still trying to work out ways and means to get things to her. Carla49 emailed the other day. She is thinking that the price of things like gas and food will soar when they finally get back into the shops. It's not going to be easy to fix. And worse, they find that where the water has got in to sewerage, electricity, plumbing etc., will be worse than expected, cost more to fix than expected, and take longer than expected. Older type stuff will not have many spares for fixing, the plumbing and waste water systems will have to have complete overhauls. We went through a lot of this two years back and although the amenties have been repaired (at great cost) there is still stuff to be fixed permanently. Mostly non-government stuff where insurance companies are digging in heels and compensation is still coming and people are waiting for blame so they can dredge some money out of the government because of a perceived mistake. But I wax cynical here.
Better go get some breakfast. Back lated.

That's later. My typing is shot today.

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