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Good morning ladies,

Got another email from Mel. She is very tired. They served 100 hot lunches and dinners to the seniors. She, Jen and Ritchie are doing the majority of work of course - volunteers are in short supply. She said the mayor is looking out for the folks in the building there. FEMA - the federal emergency management authority - has just arrived so they hope this will help get things in order also. They arranged for a bus to take them to a store that has groceries - too hard for Mel to manage so Jen and Ritchie are taking the trip. One of the politicians said he fears for the day when he and Mel are no longer around to look out for the seniors. She said that people have lost their homes and are starting to get panicky as the temperatures drop below freezing. There are problems with shortages of heating oil and gasoline for delivery trucks. A few people have collapsed into Mel's arms crying hysterically at the hopelessness of it all as she tries to comfort them. In addition to the building, she is also trying to get someone to address the homeless also. On the dark side she said looters are running all over and the police are stretched thin trying to deal with protecting the citizens. Scam artists too are trying to take advantage of people at their lowest point. How sad. She said her internet is sporatic so we will get our updates in bits which I told her we are grateful for any word.

Also said we'd love to do something for them but are at a loss as to how. With no access to cash machines and regular deliveries all but abandoned due to lack of people and gas, it really is pretty primative out there. I am glad that they are getting some attention from the town and are not completely left on their own. Although as you can imagine, most of this is falling on Mel to plan and execute. Told her we will pool our money and send her and Jen for a nice beach vacation in Shad's neck of the woods after this.

Nothing I have going on compares to what's happening to her. I have the weekend off which is nice - we might take a trip up north to look at generators - our house is totally dependent on electricity for water (well pump), heat and lights. I do worry what would happen if a winter storm hit. So we'll take road trip and get some info.

Annie - happy birthday to Lil Man. Sorry that the timing didn't work out with the pictures. I'd not be very happy after getting shots either.

Good luck with the move Michelle.

Shad - hope you have a relaxing shopping trip and a bit of downtime to recharge the batteries.

Ceejay - have a good trip. I'd rake up the leaves and then go jump in them

Laura - I agree with you with banks on every corner. That was 90 percent of the new construction down south. DH used to say that they'd build all these banks because the big churches needed someplace to store their money I remember the days (when I was a kid) that there was a tavern on every corner. Up here that's how it is with all the lakes - at least 2 bars per lake shore and in some towns there isn't even a grocery store but there's at least 5 bars.

Hi Patty, Ellen, Java

I need to go get something planned and executed before the day washes away from me. Have a good weekend chicks.
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