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Morning all. TGIF!! No special plans, but I'm ready for the weekend anyways.

Java - Glad you made it home safely the other night, and that your weren't without power for too long. Yes, these situations definitely remind us (1) we are so fortunate (2) we shouldn't take things for granted and (3) we shouldn't whine over the minor irritations in life.

Happy - Thanks for setting up our new thread. Yeh, you might imagine that a stretch workout is sort of calm and slow...nope, not this one. Hope your workday is quiet. Nice you have the weekend off.

Ceejay - How nice your grand-niece got to go home! Glad your Halloween was uneventful.

Michelle - Sounds like you've got a lot of help with the moving, so no overdoing it - your back will thank you.

Annie - Yeh, timing of the photos was not ideal for the lil guy. The Chili's closest to us closed nearly a year ago - not really missing it, but I sure wish something else would open in its spot. I just hate seeing those empty buildings! I also hate when every new building in the area seems to be a bank - really?? Unless you need to visit a safe deposit box regularly, why do you need to physically go to a bank on a regular basis? Just my opinion. I know, many people don't like ATMs and businesses use banks a lot, yada yada, yada. Oops, sorry for going off on that tangent. An early happy b-day to sissy - her menu pick sounds delish, and with you preparing it, I'm sure it will be. I can see why the bachelorette party would not appeal - not fond of clubs where you can't even hear yourself think. If I'm in an environment like that where I can't hear conversation, I'd rather be listening to a live rock band, not DJ music.

to the rest of the Worldlies.

Nothing much going on with me. BF is off with friends today to spend the day at a friend's summer place before closing it up, and he'll be gone overnight tonight. I will leave work a wee bit early to go home and walk the dog before dark. Nothing special planned tonight, probably just watch some telly.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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