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Happy Friday...

Got lil man's 1 year pix taken last night. He would barely smile, he wasn't in the mood. Nevermind the fact that Sam took him to the doc yesterday for his check up and he got 3 shots. Well no wonder he wouldn't smile, probably felt like crap. I told her she should of rescheduled. Anyway, got 3 pretty good shots of him smiling. We get them back next Friday, will try to post somehow. She and I and babe, of course, went to Chili's for dinner...needless to say that place is hit or miss and it was awful last night. What a bust. Only thing that looked good was the babe's mac n cheese. lol

Work still stinks. My big boss is coming on Monday and I am hoping to meet with her about this mess. I need to see the changes they preached were to happen, rather than just hear a lot of malarky. I know quit ranting and be happy I have a job.

This weekend is my future DILs bridal shower and the bach party downtown at a younger crowd night club. I am not going to that, I am attending the earlier part at another place for dinner with them. Then I am cutting out. I do not want to be at a 21-31 yr old club nor drinking.

Sunday is sissy's birthday dinner at 4 pm. She has requested fried chicken, potato cakes, green beans, mac n cheese, and for her cake she wants my homemade apple pie and vanilla ice cream instead. Will be a busy Sunday morning for me.

Happy...thanks for starting the new thread. I guess I really should learn how to do that, but you are so good at it.

CEEG...We only had about 25 trick or treaters and a few of them could drive a car. hmmm, oh well at least they were not out robbing a house or breaking laws.

CHELLE...if I lived closer I would certainly help you move. Or at least supervise...wink Be careful with your back and take it easy. Hugs

Prayers out there for Mellie and crew! and all the rest of the area.

Hello to everyone..

love and hugs.


Lap RNY 2/12/07

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