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Default The Worldlie Chicks Say "November is for New Beginnings"

For Michelle - and anyone else ready to jumpstart things before we close the year out.

Certainly could use a fresh start after picking up from Superstorm Sandy. It's good to know that Java Turtle had some slow going but didn't get stuck and made it home ok. TWO FEET OF SNOW! Geez Louise I'm sure it was the heavy, wet stuff too. Glad to hear you are ok and thanks for checking in.

I have spent part of the morning reading about the devistation in Hoboken, New Jersey which is not all that far from Mel and her crew. It is really sad and I hope they pull together to get them back up and running quickly. Was ready to send her a care package but if the roads are flooded and they can't get deliveries through, what can you do?

Shad - to comment on your question about relief efforts - sometimes I would send money to the American Red Cross which is generally one of the first responders in a disaster situation but my own opinion in which I know people personally affected would be to send something directly to them and let them decide how to apply it best. Just my opinion... I do hope given the amount of elderly in Mel's building that they will be given priority in relief efforts.

Let me go finish setting this thread up. Back in a bit.
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