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Second day off those meds and here we go already! I don't go to the doctor until December so I am hoping it will eventually even all out. For now it is kind of crappy but I'll deal with it as it comes.

Kelly is dressed for Halloween at St Judes today and thought you would enjoy the photo. She wanted to be the Gone with the Wind character that Carol Burnett did on her show. I think it is priceless. You can't help but smile at her. Thomas got his eyeball truffles last night and Jackson should get his popcorn tin today so got the grandsons covered. We don't do candy handouts. Too dangerous where we live and we don't have many kids living here anyway. ( I added Carol Burnett's sketch dress so you would understand)

I am now on the heel of Jackson's sock so shouldn't be too long and they should be done. I can then start Thomas's socks and get them done. I am looking forward to starting my socks then.

Jean: You aren't going to believe this, but this stupid company called here again 5 times yesterday and everytime I would answer it would hang up. Finally around 4 PM someone answered and I got mad and told her off. She refused to apologize and kept saying she was calling to check my shipping address, which I told her was bologna. I said I had gone through all that the day before with someone and wasn't going through it again and didn't want to buy anything else so to quit calling me! I then emailed the company and let loose on them. I hope that is the end of that and I hope I actually get what I ordered. One of the reasons we don't hand out candy is because half the people are older teens or adult and if you refuse they damage your property, or shoot you!

Maggie: I get more spam with garbage threatening you so you will give them information online and they can steal your identity. One of the things I get over and over is supposedly from the FBI! I always get a kick out of that one. Oh, I am glad you found yourself a little glass tree for your village. You should take a picture and post it for us to see!

Well girls, I haven't gotten anything done but knitting so I better get going. Have a great Wednesday. Faye
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