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Originally Posted by IPbeginnerNOLA View Post
Started my week 2 today. This morning, I had my first official weigh in since starting and I am down 9 POUNDS! I was so excited to hear that, especially since I went to a baby shower this weekend and HAD to have a piece of cake! Literally, the cake was just 4 bites. It was half of a half. Lol. Which, I of course told my coach.

Anyway, I was just so excited and had to share!
Congrats!!on that weighin......YOU got LUCKY to still lose after eating the cake.....DON"T make it a habit
Originally Posted by sstw1 View Post
Just completed W2 - lost 3 lbs, 1 1/2 " and 4% body fat! I go to Downtown Physical Therapy on Highland - across from Country Club of La. I work out at Woman's, but DPT doesn't charge the $200 consultation fee, so I went with them. Also, they sell individual packets so you can get a variety each time, which is very helpful.

Has anyone purchased one of the IP recipe books? Just wondering if it's worth it, or if I can do just as well with the recipes on this board.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
I would stick to the recipes on here, much more of a variety and its CHEAPER on here

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