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Good morning everyone. I guess fall is finally here as the temps during the day seem to be staying around the mid 60's. It gets chilly enough to kick on the furnace a couple times, but not excessively so.

I paid a few bills this morning and have lots of cleaning chores to catch up on. I also want to make progress on Jackson's other sock as I am almost done with the leg now. I should receive the last of his Christmas presents from Target today and this nitwit woman called 8 times yesterday and because it was a blocked number I wouldn't answer. She called at 9 PM and it made me mad so I went ahead and answered and come to find out it was the infommercial slippers that I ordered for Jackson. She wanted to add a $1 to my credit card to send me valuable discounts and I told her NO! They are cheapskates and ship by mail so I am going to have to leave the gate unlocked until the darn things come I guess. I ordered him this blanket puppet he wanted really badly too, but I hate ordering stuff that is on tv. Ahh well, hopefully they won't fall apart right away.

Jean: The fall is always fun for kids I think. I remember being a kid and riding my bike all over town and roller skating and such during the fall. Halloween was the best though. We could go all over town and trick or treat all evening and get the best stuff. We would get cupcakes and cotton candy and candy apples and all kinds of great stuff. Nowadays you have to be a doctor to let your kids eat the stuff and walk with them everywhere. It is sad.

Maggie: Jack loves the butter mints they have at one of the restaurants we like. He always stuffs his pockets when he goes in. When I was a kid, I was a hoola hoop queen. I can still "shake my bootie" if I need to.

Well girls lots to do so I better get started. Have a great Tuesday and stay warm and dry. Faye
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