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Good morning to you all! It is chilly this morning, but the furnace hasn't kicked on and I have it set at 69 so the house hasn't cooled off too much I guess.

We have the ole commissary shopping to do this morning. I will be glad to just get it done. I hope the place isn't crowded today and we can zip right through and then they actually have cashiers so we don't have to wait in line. That irritates me the most, especially on weekends that are military active duty and retire paydays and then add in the social security people and they have two checkouts open and the line winds clear to the back of the store. That's ridiculous.

I didn't pick up needles at all yesterday. I just sat and read while Jack watched football games. I am not going to put up with this much longer before I tell her she is going to have to just take it out if it isn't going to correct itself. I am tired of all these lousy symptoms making me feel crummy most of the time.

Maggie: Hope you have a nice time at the birthday party. It would be fun to shop for little girls. I never get to. Boys clothing isn't fun to look around and decide what to get. My guys are basically jeans and tshirt kids so that makes it even more boring! Thomas is camping this weekend with the scouts and Kelly said it was supposed to be below freezing where they were at so I imagine that skinny little kid is gonna get cold. Hope he doesn't come home sick.

Jean: Fortune has shots in January. Last year I just had them give him his shots but this year I think I will have them do a regular workup just to make sure his heart and such are doing ok. It is a lot more expensive, but with his age, I think we should do it. I will be getting a flu shot as soon as I book at dr appt and go in. I usually get it much earlier, but I just haven't been to the dr's for anything.

Well, better hop to it and get cleaned up and such and chores done before we drive out to the commissary. Have a nice rest of the weekend! Faye
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