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Originally Posted by pluckypear View Post
Great tip kaplods. I love brussel sprouts. I purchased a stalk of them last weekend and still have plenty left. Mine were sans leaves though. When I go to the market next I will ask about the top leaves if they even have any left, as you said they are seasonal. Soon all I will be getting is what stores well, cabbage, cabbage and cabbage. lol
I have to admit that in the past, I usually avoided greens that looked to large and tough. I only tried the brussles sprouts tops, because they were there. Now, I'm actually going to look FOR the tougher looking leaves, because they turned out so well.

The leaf parts were mostly crispy, and the stem part was chewy and surprisingly sweet (though a lot of things are tasting sweeter to me as I eat fewer carbs and dilute my Crystal Light more).

I just loved the contrast in texture.

We do have a winter farmers markets, and some of the vendors sell broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage with the tough outer leaves still attached. I'm wondering if they would roast up similarly.

The chewy crisp texture is just so unusual in something good for you.
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