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Afternoon girls. It has been chilly here today and it was cold overnight enough to run the furnace. It has finally cooled down for fall I think as we are going to have normal temps next week.

Jack is sitting watching the Boise State game at the moment. I have felt kind of ick today as for some reason the female stuff has been rearing it's ugly head for the last two weeks. I just have to take it easy when it is bad so I have just accepted that. I wanted to do some housework today, but it isn't going to happen except straightening up and doing regular chores. No big deal. We aren't expecting company or anything.

We decided to wait until tomorrow to grocery shop. We can go a bit later for one thing and neither of us wanted to get up early and get out this morning as we went to bed late, really late for us.

Susan: I truly hope it doesn't hit in your area. It is a pretty nasty storm. I know the ship website has shut down a lot of the caribbean excursions and such because of it. I was looking at the new hungry girl cookbook and it looks interesting. I may go to Barnes and Noble and see if they have it so I can peruse the actual recipes.

Jean: That was one of the reasons we kept such a close eye on the caribbean before our trip as the hurricane season goes well into November. Hope you have a good times with the kids. I was watching Trisha Yearwood's cooking show early this morning and she and her girls were all dressed up like Kiss for Halloween and she was making Halloween food, a chicken tortilla soup that Garth Brooks likes and a pumpkin roll. It all sounded really good.

I guess I should get started on Jackson's second sock as I have the first one done. I have enjoyed reading the last couple days though. There's a new Dick and Felix Francis book out and I bought it and am enjoying it. Have a great weekend everyone!!! Faye
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