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Good Afternoon, Flowers! The guys are here replacing the glass panels in my new sliding doors. Whoever put them together put 2 of them together inside out. We need 4 and they only brought 3. Why can't people ever do things right, or is it just me? They will be making a return trip as soon as the sun shines and Bob can take more pictures. He stayed home this morning and we've been hanging pictures, a mirror, and a lamp. I got rid of some wall things and have put others in different places. Sometimes it's taken the two of us to get it right. Now I know why we don't paint more often.

Maggie -- The windchill is 25 today! It's another gloomy day. I'm glad you are enjoying your jerky. Bob likes that and takes it fishing when he goes to Canada. The area where the gift shop was (right inside the main entrance, across from the ER doors, check in offices, information desk, and lab waiting room) is now the chapel and the volunteer director's office. In other words the chapel is like in the middle of a major traffic area. They changed walls, took out display windows, and moved doors so it's not likely they would ever put us back there. Nurses thought the chapel should be up on 2nd floor where the patient rooms and ICU are located but the "hot-to-trot" CEO wouldn't listen to them. We have a few display shelves in the coffee shop and also an enclosed, locked display in the main entrance.

"Gma" -- Kelly's socks are awesome! I love the colors and how the design worked out. I haven't seen the Travelers commercial. I wonder if different parts of the country get different commercials. I really like any animal commercial. My other "problem" is that Bob plays musical channels as soon as a commercial comes on. I've tried to convince him all the stations have them on about the same time.

Guess I will go check on the door progress. Hope you all enjoy a nice day!
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