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ALL food is processed. Most food is packaged. Even the stuff in the outer perimeter of your grocery store. Produce is picked, cleaned, waxed, shined, packaged into boxes and shipped. It doesn't come off the tree with a little Dole sticker on it. I live in a very rural area and not a lot of our stores even have butchers anymore. Tyson, Perdue, JennyO and workers in grocery warehouses or meat packing plants process our meat and put it in little styrofoam packages or bags or worse yet plastic chubs. Milk is homogenized, pasteurized, fortified with vitamins. Not real sure about the eggs...but before they are packaged I think they expose it to a bright light for purification??? Point being...unless you are going to buy a farm and raise/grow/butcher your own plants and animals it is pretty much unavoidable. I guess you could go full out Doomsday Prepper; but not the kind that fills a room with 30 years worth of Campbell's vegetable soup and Hormel chili.

Ok...not really trying to be a smart mouth. I don't have a food budget that is as big as the national deficit. Sometimes I have to buy food that comes in bags, boxes, aluminum cans, the freezer section, etc. I have 3 kids (two are teenagers) I can't afford to buy several gallons of $8 raw, organic milk each week. For that matter, I can't afford a lot of special diet foods that are just for me and not for family meals. Fresh produce is pretty much limited to whatever is in season AND on sale in the ad. That and whatever green leafy stuff I can find that isn't $5 per pound. We have to have some of that "filler" stuff. I really make an effort to buy ingredients to make things as opposed to snacks that come in boxes.

But, sometimes the budget or convenience wins and I buy things like a bag of tortilla chips for the homemade salsa. Or, crackers to put in the homemade soups and chili. Low carb tortillas are another one we buy regularly. I can and have made chips, tortillas, bread and crackers before but my time is not endless. I really try to limit white not much of this stuff makes it in my cart. You won't find me buying Cheez-its or Teddy Grahams too often because I would SOOOO eat the whole box, possibly even on the 30 minute trip home from the store.
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