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I have always struggled with my weight but it got completely out of control over the past few years due to stress, and my husband gained a significant amount of weight as a result of Cushing's disease. We were both fat, miserable, and exhausted. My son is getting older and I don't want him to grow up with a fat mom. Like Scorbett said, kind of a perfect storm- I just reached the end of my patience.

My husband and I went to a family party in July, and one of the people at the party was his second cousin who has always been very overweight. He looked fantastic, he had lost at least 50 lbs, maybe more (I didn't ask for a number). I asked him what he was doing and he told me "Ideal Protein, it's hard but it is awesome, look it up"-so I did. When I saw all of the progress pics- both here and on other sites- I decided that this is what we needed to do. We couldn't afford for both of us to go to the clinic, so with the resources available here (thanks everyone!), we started out on our own with alternatives.

Mentally I was definitely ready, but I think the rigid structure of this plan finally allowed me to break free from the cycle of binging I was in. I know it is premature to say so, but for the first time ever, I feel like I can really do this, and never go back to my old ways again. It is so different this time. It's a great feeling.


Rebooting 4/3/2013
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