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I'd be interested in reading about what exactly the author did (their plan), what their struggles were, how it affected their lives and relationships, how they faced challenges especially losing weight when other things in life are going on, lessons learned, tips and words of wisdom, life after weight loss, and of course work out plans/ideas and a few recipes are never amiss.

I also do some editing as a side job and from that standpoint, I think it would also be beneficial if with writing a book about weight loss, your book had an "angle" or a theme other than weight loss. Like what do you enjoy, what sets you apart as a person and what is there about you, other than weight loss, that would make someone identify with you and want to pick up your book specifically? I think it would help to set your book apart from being just an extended success story if it's about "that thing that makes you special" in addition to weight loss as opposed to just weight loss alone. For example, let's say you love to cook, it could be about recipes and weightless, sort of your weight loss journey through cooking. The "other thing" doesn't even have to be as directly-linked to weight loss. It could be a metaphorical link, tying something you like to do or certain life experiences that makes you unique to your experience to your weight loss journey in some way.

Of course you can also go the straight forward route of setting it upnlike a diary and liberally including other non-weight loss things that occurred in your life during a specific period e.g. starting from what made you decide to make the change through when you believed you could do it up to when you hit your goal.

Whatever you choose, I hope you do write the book. You've inspired me for a while on here (100-lb club shout out!) and I for one, can't wait to read your book when it comes out. Hope this helped even a little.
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