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I found out just this week that I have IR/PCOS. When I was younger I used to eat low carb because my mother always did, and I was at a normal weight. When I moved out and got married, I started eating regular carbs like everyone else and I gained over 70 pounds. I was so frustrated because I wasn't eating more than most people, and I always ate "healthy." It felt unfair. I tried to explain to my doctor at the time that I was not just eating out of control and I felt like something was wrong, but she didn't believe me. I tried several diets to no avail, and then I completely gave up on trying at all for a while. I didn't want to go back onto a low carb diet because I thought hey, there are plenty of other low cal diets, why should I have to give up on bread completely?

I'm actually currently in med school, and while studying PCOS a couple months ago I realized that I had a lot of the more vague symptoms (hair growth, irregular periods, acanthosis), so I brought them up with my OBGYN. It feels good to finally have an explanation for my problems.

This is just my second day back on low-carb after 5 years of wondering how on earth I gained so much weight and couldn't lose it. I have high hopes, especially after reading this thread!
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