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Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a beautiful fall day here -- sunny, NO wind, and 75 degrees this afternoon. Church counting took longer, actually it was the posting because the automatic bank contributions process on the 10th of the month. I picked up the gift shop money but will count that tomorrow. I had a meeting this afternoon and card club later tonight.

"Gma" -- On the GREAT loss! You are doing so well. Weekends are hard for me too. Don't be grouchy, be happy! You will get the sock done soon! Cleaning will be there waiting for you when you finish. I am working on the afghan; I just started the second skein, out of 18+.

Maggie -- The snowman family sounds cute! I got a kick out of your daughter's 123 story. That is a hoot. I hope you are pleasantly surprised at WW tonight. Good luck!

I need to change clothes and head to card club. Enjoy your evening!
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