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Talking Monday Monday


It is in the 50ļs right now but they say it will get up to the low 80ļs before this day is done. Feels a tad bit chilly in here this morning. At the museum sale the other day Will bought me the cutest snowman family. They are stand alone type. The man stands 42 inches tall and the woman stands 37 inches tall. The bodies are made of white bumpy plush that resembles snow. He is dressed in corduroy pants, black shoes, and has a vest on and a suit jacket and bow tie with a black felt hat and is holding a broom. She has a corduroy dress on with leggings and a sweater and jacket along with a neck scarf and beanie type wool hat. She is also holding a baby snowman that has a beanie hat and neck scarf. Her jacket and hat are of the same material as his jacket. They are so cute and since they stand alone are quite remarkable. I think Will said he got them for 3 bucks apiece ~ but from the looks of them when they were originally sold they were very spendy from just looking at the quality of their clothing. The clothes look like the real thing and the jackets are even lined. The broom looks like it is made out of shredded corn husks. Our animals all checked them out and thankfully are leaving them alone. They will look cute standing by the fica tree we put Christmas lights on that is on a table in the front room. I donít know where these snow people came from originally but am happy to give them a home. I think they can stand in my office until the Christmas season is over then they can stand in a closet. They are across the room from me and when I look up there they are smiling at me.

I have decided that I donít really need a big stand alone mixer and donít really need a bigger food processor. I have a mandolin that slices things up quite nicely. I just need to get that pasta maker so I can roll out some bodacious lasagna noodles and ravioli. My bread machine can mix up the dough and I donít need a larger food processor or mixer to do that job. I have a wonderful hand mixer with whip attachment blades that works just fine for what mixing & whipping I do. Look at the money I just saved by not buying those two appliances. Talked myself right out of it. We donít eat a whole lot of pasta but when we do I want it to be a recipe that I can control. Homemade ravioli is so good. That is what started this whole thing ~ Will wanted me to make some homemade ravioli.

I know I am up in the weight department this day ~ too much birthday. I am back on track and will do better this week. That is my plan and I am sticking to it. Will has gone to pick up the dogs from the groomer and they will be clean for the afternoon. Well, Ragg Mopp stays cleaner than Beanie for he is not as exuberant. Beanie is just about two years old and still a puppy.

Will just got back with the dogs and lunch. He stopped by Subway and got me one of those new chicken sandwiches which is very good and I ate all of half of it for it was loaded with grilled chicken.

DONNA FAYE on your loss. You really do great losing when you have your mind set to it. Reading glasses are so inexpensive now days in all types of degrees. I have a pair in each room I frequent here in the house and have a pair in my bag I take along to WW. Don't stress ~ it's not good for you. Easier said then done isn't it. That yarn you have for your own sox is nice. It is time you make some for yourself. Happy feet.

JEAN Aren't kids wonderful about revealing things. I remember once when someone asked my daughter what made her such a good little girl and she said, "My mother always counts to 3." That worked for her if she didn't comply whe she was asked to do something I would say, "I am going to count to 3" and she would say "Don't count me!" and then do what it was she was supposed to do. She never found out what would happen if I reached the number 3. She just didn't want to be "counted" for some reason. All kids are different and that won't work for all of them but it sure worked for her. She was a terrible two though. I have stories about that!

Have a great day Magnolias.



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