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Good morning to you all! It is back to being chilly in the morning again, but hot mama here has the fan on anyway.

We had a fairly nice weekend. I was a total grouch yesterday because when I feel unorganized or stressful I get grouchy. I am under a time constraint with that sock, though I almost have the foot done and can do the final toe decreases, and I got behind on cleaning not having gotten the upstairs done yet. I was crabby to Jack so I had to apologize to him and tell him nothing was his fault, etc. He just asked me if I was ok. So, I hope to finish the sock and the upstairs today. Bless his heart he said he would vacuum for me this evening and I will run a dust cloth around things this evening then I am back on my schedule and everything will be fine.

Jean: The gal that did my hair was the girl who did my eyebrows and shampooed me last time. She did an excellent job on cutting my hair so until Becky is able to come back, I will have Connie cut my hair. I didn't recognize her at first though. Last time she had dark hair and this time she had it colored in bubble gum pink and creamsicle orange colors. It is that kind of shop, but they are so very nice and do some fine hair cutting for sure, though I still have to wrap my head around $60 for a haircut and tip. Jack just keeps reminding me that I get what I pay for and since I have always had trouble getting a good haircut because I have a couple of tough cowlicks and very fine hair, I have to remember they are well worth it and a cut of the same caliber in like LA would cost me two to three times as much. I thought the yarn was really cute. I am not sure I bought quite enough since I have large calves and long feet, I am going to get a contrasting color for the heels and calves after the yarn comes and I can see the different hues of color. This will only be my second pair of socks for myself. The first pair was the very first pair I made to see if I could knit socks! Those have kind of bumpy scratchy yarn so I don't wear them much, but I think I am going to start making myself more socks to wear for fall and winter months. I would bring along my knitting and join you at your crafty club if I lived close enough. Now you are crocheting your afghan, right??? Does she need it in a time frame or just whenever you get it done?

I broke my durn reading glasses this morning around 3 AM. I got up to go to the bathroom and came back and couldn't get back to sleep so turned on the light and was knitting. They were dirty so I washed them and broke around the bottom of the glass. I think maybe it had broken before and I fixed it with crazy glue as it looks repaired. I just glued it back again. I have another pair I keep in my handbag so can use those if need be, but I like having a pair at my chair for knitting, which is the only reason I need readers at all. Besides, these are cheapo kind you buy at Walmart or Target not optical shop ones.

I am down 8 lbs since we got home and 3 lbs for the week, which I will gladly take. I just have to keep focusing on the drill and how awful it is and stay on track. Jack and I do great during the week, but weekends are a killer for us. I got a certificate for a free bowl from Genghis Grill for my birthday so maybe next payday we will use it for our dinner out. Breakfast with Kelly was our treat this payday.

Everyone have a great start to their week! Faye
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