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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful fall day in my corner of the world; it's sunny, bright blue sky, chilly, and the never ending wind is blowing. It's raining leaves from one of our huge maple trees, wish the other three would get busy so Bob could mow/bag the leaves. I was up bright and early to be at church by 7:30 for bell practice. This afternoon we've been putting the house back together again. I didn't realize I had so much "stuff." Everything is dusty or gritty. Bob is off to pick up some blank wall covers for tv hookups that no longer work. He has a pile of light switch and outlet covers to paint. Tomorrow I will stop by the paint store for register paint.

Maggie -- Thank you for the birthday wishes. At the retirement party, we knew most everyone, and they sang Happy Birthday to me. One of the little kids asked how old I was and my delightful grandson, Ian, was happy to share! The mother was so embarrassed. I took my afghan yarn to share at crafty club since I had made a mistake and ripped quite a few rows out the night before. We just visit, share projects, and have dessert and coffee or tea. We drove in rain yesterday almost half way to the game. It was cloudy and a slight breeze there so I was glad I had my winter jacket and a blanket. It was a fast game and I was glad! Some of the spectators only had on sweatshirts; the coach had on shorts! It made me even colder to look at him!

"Gma" -- I love the sock yarn you chose for yourself! I hope you like your haircut since your favorite gal wasn't there. That's sad about her fiance. Do you get your mammogram a month eariler or later every year? We have to wait a year plus a day. I don't think anyone would want to do medical screenings just for the heck of it.

I have laundry going and hear the dryer buzzing. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening. Tomorrow starts a new week; October will be a half day short of being half over!
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