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I did the HMR decision free plan. I chose HMR primarily because it was local and with my doctor's practice. I did not need medical monitoring but I paid for it anyway because I wanted to know... for sure... what would happen if I ate very low calories. I ate about 600 to 700 per day. That alone was valuable information for life and worth the money.

First, I lost all the weight. Amazingly quickly for me. Second, I had almost no health effect -- other than to get so so so much better. My liver function improved dramatically. Same with kidneys. My blood sugar went from 90 fasting to 75 fasting. But nothing else really moved. Giving me a sense that my body is amazing at balance.

I did take a multi and a potassium supplement but that was it. The only reason I took the potassium supplement was because my shake didn't have any in it.

I hated the classes but, I have to admit that I learned things that I will use going forward.

People say it is expensive but two points (1) since you eat only their foods I found the cost of food to equal what I was spending on "normal food" -- and their food doesn't go bad... and also (2) since you lose weight fast, the expense is a lot, for a short period of time.

Also my insurance paid for a lot of the medical portion. (medical tests and visits)

Highly recommended. It was worth it for me.
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