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Afternoon girls!!! I hope you all are having a nice Saturday. It is gorgeous here, in the low 80's. I had to change my outfit this morning from long sleeved sweater and long pants to capris and cotton shirt to go out to breakfast as it was already in the 70's when we left.

Breakfast was terrific. It is a nice little cafe restaurant with great food. I splurged and had their cinnamon stuffed french toast with fresh strawberries and two strips of bacon. The splurge came from the stuffing, it was Nutella, YUM! Have to work it off. The kids gave me a subscription to a knitting magazine and an Amazon gift card. I bought myself a new watch, 2 skeins of sock yarn (see below) to make ME a pair of socks eventually and the new J D Robb book that just came out while I was on the cruise for my Kindle.

I have to leave around 3:30 to go get my haircut but Becky won't be doing my hair. I got a call yesterday from them that her fiance is on his deathbed with brain cancer so she is out of the salon for awhile. She assured me that all the stylists were trained by Becky herself so I shouldn't be worried about getting a good cut. I just feel so bad for her. She is such a great lady.

Jack is going to stay home and watch the Boise State game. He is welcome to it. I am not a football fan anymore and haven't been since high school, though I watch enough to converse with him about teams and such. This way I will miss at least 3/4 of it!

Jean: Happy Birthday to you again! I hope you have a nice birthday today. I guess I confused you. My mammogram is Nov 2. For insurance purposes I have to move it up a month every year because I can only have one mammogram in a calendar year unless there is a problem. I don't know why they are so slow there, but it sure seems to take a long time to get in. Maybe it was because last time it was later around 11 AM or so I think and a lot of folks had come in by then. It was really warm here last night. I was almost tempted to put on the ac, but thought by morning I would be freezing and too lazy to get up so I just put on the fans.

Maggie: Kelly and Tom close their pool around the middle of Sept usually so yes, it is closed. They told me this morning that my nitwit dog would go out and fall into the pool or actually on top of the pool cover trying to get at the water on the pool cover. Tom said you could see him out there just prancing around on top of the pool like he owned the place. They told me a lot of funny stories about him. Jack kept telling her he was sorry Fortune was so much trouble, but she would laugh it off. He is just so clingy and gets up so much in the night.

Well, I guess I should go make myself some lunch. Have a good weekend all! Faye
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