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Talking Titilating Thursday


It is currently 56ºs and it is said it will get up to the high 70ºs here in the ♥-Land before this day is over. We like it, our Jeep likes it and the animals like it so all is well around our house. The Jeep has always run better in cool weather. It didn’t run bad in the heat but it just seems like it runs better now that it is cooler.

I have some meat to bag and get into the freezer this day for Will found some more Italian sausage in the used bin and this batch has the hot spices in it. There are also some other cuts of beef and chicken I need to bag. Just a little sausage gives a nice kick to scrambled egg beaters. I take the casings off one link and just crumble part of it and cook it along with some chopped onions & bell peppers then add the beaters and it makes a yummy mix for a meal. I keep chopped onions and bell peppers in the freezer for I use them a lot in different dishes. I have larger sized pieces chopped for beans and smaller ones for dishes like the scrambled beaters.

When we were at the nursery yesterday I noticed a bin with broken up pieces of marble counter top type pieces of all colors. I got a piece that is 6” x 12” long and an inch thick that is black and gray marbled and nice and smooth on one side which is polished. The ends are both broken off and not smooth which make it have a rustic look. I can use it for serving cheese and crackers or other snack type things at a get-together. I am going to set it in the middle of the table for this season with those little pumpkins I got and some leaves around it. It cost a whopping 62ȼ.

I have yet to decide on what to make for dinner. I am leaning on something from the WW Comfort Classics book. There are many recipes in that book I want to try for a lot of them sound so good. I can have something ready to go into the oven when he gets home. This is the day Will will be home later than usual, for there is a board meeting after his volunteer time at the museum. Those folks on that board want Will there for he is a wealth of information about what the museum may need and how to fix things that need some care. Also he is to give a report on how the raffle tickets are being sold. Now all the money from the tickets that are sold goes into the coffers of the museum, for they do have enough to cover the cost of the gun already. They still want to hire him but he doesn’t need another job.

My Cuisinart® Mini-Prep Plus Processor arrived just now. So great for cutting the work time down by slicing and chopping all kinds of veggies for different dishes. It will also aid me in making all those neat yummy pesto, sauces and marinades we like to enhance our meals with. This model is so much better than the one I used to have that I used for years. Maybe it’s going to make me want a new bigger model. But that will have to wait if I really want it because I do want the pasta machine first. I can’t think of another appliance I do need to replace. I will have a shelf set up in the pantry room to put my appliances so they will be easy to reach when Will vacates his office and moves it downstairs. It will certainly free up some of my kitchen counter and give me more work space in there. I am really going to like having this new little processor and will use it often so it will have a place on my counter. In fact I may do some re-arranging in there this day.

JEAN Will you be making something seasonal at crafty club today? Your weather is a might cooler than ours is now. They are still saying we all are in for a colder winter so I am sending my favorite coat to the cleaners soon. I hung it out on a hook by the back door to remind me to take it when we go out and about. That is great that you will like your new kitchen paint. Every room in this house is the same off white. But we have decorations up ~ like pictures and hanging plants, etc. A good time to have it all re-painted is when we move out ~ whenever that may happen. We don’t have any plans on vacating this place soon. We want to get a motor-home to do some traveling on our “vacation time.” That is the plan for next year sometime when we find a used one that is suitable. The new ones are outrageously priced. Plus it may all depend on how the gas prices look when we get ready to buy.

DONNA FAYE I know you will be joyous when you actually do get those sox in the mail on their way to a pair of happy feet. I really feel for you for your knees hurting. Sure makes it hard to do anything when they do hurt. I have a prescription for mine and when they hurt regardless I take an over the counter arthritis med as a kicker. Your upcoming cruise sounds delightful. Now you have something to plan for in a different type climate and save some money to boot. I am happy for you that both of you have found something you really enjoy doing together. That is so important for a married couple.

Have a great day Magnolias.



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