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Good Morning, Flowers! It's a gloomy, windy, cold 48 degree morning in my corner of the world. The weatherman said it would be sunny today, but guess he was on the wrong page for that one. I'm going to lunch at Bob's office today. One of the other agents (male) likes to cook and is always bringing food in. Today is potato soup. Yum! Since the painting gal is here, and working in the kitchen, I couldn't cook if I wanted to. Then I have crafty club this afternoon, so there will be more food.

Maggie -- I, too, am sorry about your Texas trip but glad Cecil will be a happy cat. The gal for whom I have babysat their cat called last night. They are going to be gone for two months this winter and she is lining up different cat lovers to take turns. They tried to find a place so they could take the cat but no luck. I feel bad for the cat because she is such a lover and gets so lonely. We usually watch tv for an hour or so when I visit her. Her name is Boomer, like a boomerang, because she was a stray and kept coming back until they invited her in to stay. Both of us like the dark green color! The wall with the sliding doors doesn't have much wall space so don't think it will be overwhelming.

"Gma" -- I hope your knees are feeling better after you put the meds on them. It's nice you will have the time to prepare for the next cruise; it sounds like a fun one. I didn't think about actually having to do the safety drill but am sure it's a good idea. At least you didn't have to crawl into the life boats did you? I am marking my knitting rows with a pin and will check for mistakes every few rows. It's a fast knit/crochet so doesn't take long to fix but I would hate to rip out too many rows.

I need to decide what I am wearing and do another load of laundry. Enjoy a terrific Thursday today!
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