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Good morning gals! It got kind of cold overnight and my knees are killing me this morning so unless they quite throbbing, no cleaning for me today as today is my upstairs day. I only have sweeping and mopping so if the knees quite hurting I might exchange tomorrow's mopping for today's upstairs cleaning, but they have to quit hurting. I am going to put Icy Hot on them as soon as I finish here and take some Ibuprophen.

I worked a lot on Jay's sock yesterday so am now on the foot and whizzing right along. I hope to have it done next week early. I have to mail it by the 19th Priority so he will get it by his birthday. Alicia told Jackson Nonny bought him presents while on the cruise so she says he goes out and looks for the box every day.

Well, I surprised Jack for his birthday and booked another cruise for Oct of next year but this one is a western and goes to Cozumel, Mexico and a couple other places. Jack wants to swim with the dolphins, so I am going to book him an excursion to do that. I want to do the "Salsa, salsa, Margarita" cooking class where you make 9 different salsas/dips and different margaritas, but it depends on how much you have to stand up to work. I even got us the same room so likely we will have the same room attendent. He is now all excited all over again. Time to start a new excel program and have Jack bring down the cruise folder to start putting stuff in. We are saving a lot of money this time since we don't have to get any new luggage, which was $529, the cruise is $200 cheaper than this year's, no tux this time as he has decided to take his suits so that saves $100, no new passports which saves $150, the choc covered strawberries he had delivered to the room for my birthday were horrible and $50 so savings there too. That saves us about $1000 from the trip we took this year. I already was able to book the same hotel package in Florida so am glad about that. It went up about $20, but since you get the room, hot buffet breakfast, shuttle to and from the port terminal, and you park your car in their secured lot for the week. Right now, a 7 day cruise to park at the terminal costs, $120 for the week! I shouldn't have to buy many clothes as I have sizes that I should be able to fit in by then and I also have a lovely gown with jacket I wore for Jay's wedding and hopefully will be able to wear that and not have to buy something new.

I am keeping myself on the straight and narrow WW wise by reminding myself of the agony it was for me to do the lifeboat/safety drill thing. First off, you have to take the stairs, which was tough on the knee, then the weather was so hot and humid, around 90/80%humidity, then you had to stand in line like soldiers and it was quite a long time as they check your sea pass and everyone has to do this so until everyone has been checked through, you stand and wait in the heat. Then the captain comes on and blabs for like 5 more minutes and you wait some more and finally you they let you go. I am surprised people weren't keeling over. I got in line in the back so at least I could lean against the ship, but agony is the only word to put on this. So everytime, I am tempted, I remind myself of this and it keeps me straight!

Maggie: So sorry you don't get to go to Texas at Thanksgiving. Can you go some other time? I would like to buy the pasta attachment to my kitchenaid sometime down the road. I like the fresh pasta.

Jean: I laughed out loud at your yarn being gooed up by Ernie. Butterscotch used to kick my off my lap or whatever then chase the ball all over the place.

Hope you all have a good Thursday. I am off to put some meds on my knees. Faye

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