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Come on Spring!
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Good morning and chilly here too at 36F. I think the last plants outside may have been nipped last night - it was time anyhow. We usually get our killing frost earlier than this.

Jekel, too bad there's no time for a ride but you will feel so great to get the laundry done. Right? Repeat after me "I'll feel great to get the laundry done". There! Does that feel better?

Tammy, I can well imagine how your past week has been. Today sounds busy but it's good news about the DH's new job. Your get up and go will return I'm sure.

Linda, I can smell that baking now! Sounds like a good assortment of bread will be ready for the Hunt. Is it tomorrow? I indulged in some pumpkin bread left over from the bake sale and though of how much you love pumpkin flavour.

Disney's digestive tract finally settled down overnight and all was well this morning. (I washed my floors three times yesterday.) She just made a valiant effort at eating her kibble which I forgot to soak to soften overnight. Bad, Dog Mum!

Not sure what's on my list today but I sure hope it's not floor washing. I do have to go tot he bank - yes, again - and may run into town to get some of Jazz's dog food. Disney is on a lower protein and expensive stuff from the vet.

Whatever I do, it'll be an improvement over yesterday!
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