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Good Afternoon, Flowers! The painters came this morning and one is still here. The ceilings are done and she has started on the dark green kitchen wall. I hope I like it! I had a "no cavities" check-up first thing this morning, ran a couple errands, picked up more paint, went to lunch bunch, and have bell practice shortly. Ernie isn't too happy with his house being rearranged.

Maggie -- It was 23 degrees here this morning, and 65 in the house. The sun is shining and it's a beautiful fall afternoon. I'm glad the vet can keep your pets but feel bad for Cecil being separated from his brothers.

"Gma" -- to Jack! I've had the plantar faciatis and feel for him! I have wound yarn in a ball but this seemed to pull so easily. I did have to tie a knot because I left it on my chair when I got up to answer the phone and Ernie chewed on the yarn. I cut the gooey part out and tied a knot; it worked to the back side so will weave the ends in later.

I need to change clothes and head for church. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening!

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