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I am a gadget nut, so I'm instantly drawn to anything digital for every aspect of my life. For my fitness, I've been using the Motorola Motoactv, which I bought earlier this year and I LOVE IT. It can be used as pedometer, but it does a lot more. It has GPS, either 8g or 16g of storage, wifi, and bluetooth and can sync with your phone. I use mine everyday; it has a list of exercises to choose from and tracks miles, calories, steps, and even what music you workout hardest too and creates a playlist of your "power songs." FYI, apparently my power song is Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation LOL. If you do anything outdoors, it even charts it on a map so you can look at where you've been when you're done. Everything syncs online and to my phone and I like to track how many calories I burn each day. It's kinda overkill as far as specs go, and it's geared more toward more active people, but I really think it's motivated me to get up and move more. When I check my phone each day, I can see I've burned X amount of calories and it makes me wanna do more the next day. There's also an option to race against yourself and social challenges online, but I haven't done any of that yet 'cause I don't wanna put myself out like that just yet.
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