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Good morning to you all. It is slightly warmer than it has been overnight here and I even ran that fan on low last night. Looks like a nice sunny fall day today.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby today. I asked him if he feels 63 and he just smiled and said, "Some days." He said mostly because of his knee and his plantis faciatis is acting up again which causes him pain in his foot and so he is going to have to go back to the dr and have him set up rehab for him again I guess.

I am finally putting the instep in Jay's sock so it is coming along. It has gotten to be a boring knit so I will be glad when it is done and I can get them blocked. His birthday is in a little less than two weeks so I have to get on the ball.

Jean: So you don't wind your yarn into balls when you knit, you just knit directly from the skein? I always roll my skeins and my hanks too, but like I said yesterday when they are in hanks, it takes more effort because I need the extra pair of hands. One reason I always roll my skeins is I have found pieces tied together or broken completely apart. I had one skein that was basically shredded in the middle and this way, you have no surprises. Also, I have found that pulling from the middle you can get a wad of yarn that is all knotted up and can be a pain to try and undo even having to cut it and splice because you have already started the project and there is no way to undo the knotting. I bought a $90 pair of sandals for the cruise that I thought would be great and I didn't even take them. I had walked outside on them so I couldn't send them back and the place I bought them said they didn't carry them anymore so I am stuck with the darn things. I have two pair I bought several years ago at Land's End and I love, but they don't make them anymore. I took the one pair, which is kind of beat up and wore them a lot on the ship. They were a lot cheaper than $90 for sure. Jack hates flannel sheets as they make him sweat so we usually use an electric blanket, but ours has gone kaflooey so I need to buy a new one.

Maggie: Cats hate being taken out of their homes, I know Butterscotch hated it. We always just left him in the house and had Kelly just peek in on him from time to time. They are so much more self sufficient than dogs. We would open up the doors and curtains on the second floor and he loved to sit and "talk" to the birds. I imagine Fortune is going to have to get used to kenneling again when we don't take him with us as I don't feel right asking Kelly anymore to keep him since we can trade dog sitting anymore. I keep forgetting to tell you about a soup I had one night for dinner on the ship. You would have loved it. It was a poblano pepper and corn soup. It was a disgusting green color but the taste was to die for.

I hope you all have a great middle of the week. Gonna get back to that sock. Faye
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