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Where did the day go??!! I took a sick day today - mental health day let's say. Haven't done all that much. Ran to the store & bought some chicken thighs to convert curried veg stew to a chicken veg curry stew. Prepped all the ingredients & threw it in the slow cooker. Alas it won't be ready before I go to the movies tonite. Maybe I should hike the temp to high. Or I'll just have some after the movie.

Took doggie for a walk, then wanted a pear for a snack. Dang thing was still too hard. I peeled & chopped it & sprinkled it with cinnamon & brown sugar & nuked it for a couple min. Yum. Much better.

Seeing the movie Looper tonight. It's one of those time travel sci-fi things - hope I understand it, lol.

Vacation day tomorrow w/ a dr appt in the AM & lunch w/ bf & his mom in the aft.

Oh, finally bought my fitness punch card last night & took a Zumba class after that. Whoohoo!

Ok, back to this episode of Reba.

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