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Good morning ladies,

Had to wrestle with the printer this morning to get a fax sent out. I swear this retiree medical insurance is such a ripoff. We are spending ridiculous amounts of money on premiums and have a thousand dollar deductible EACH on top of it. I paid for premiums and with the deductible got no benefit at all from my routine care. DH did slightly better but they got a whole heckovalotta money out of us. You only get some value if you have to go to the hospital. As I was falling asleep last night a pack of coyotes were howling in the back. They quieted down and then started back up again just as I was falling asleep again.

Today is a work day for me - not sure what's left to sell in the store after the busy weekend. The owners are taking a few days off so it will be a while before we have more fresh stuff. So today will be long and boring. But I am off tomorrow and Thursday and will take Mom out for some fun stuff.

Michelle - was not aware that you were planning on moving back to CA. Makes sense I guess if your family and friends are all out that way. Will be a hassle (and a shame) to double cull your stuff. But I guess it's best that you know now and can plan ahead. Shame too now that you got the great new job. But it will all work out in the end. Don't fret at that which you are leaving behind. Except for the other pups.

Pretty picture Mel. I can hear the leaves blowing and crunching in my head. Good luck with the exterminator. Stay away from the sprays.

Annie - good going on staying away from the mac and cheese. I love it too though it gives me a pasta coma when I eat it. Hope nothing bad came of the spat at work. Some people need to be yelled at once in a while!

Laura - what a great picture of Coal and the bridge!!!! You NEVER had a corn dog???? You poor soul Some are good, some are bad tasting - depends on the oil they fry them in. I eat one about every 10 years Hope it's not too complicated at the ortho guy with your arm. Sounds painful.

Ceejay - hope it's nothing too serious with the breathing. Let us know how the cat scan comes out. Do you have fall allergies?

Shad - laughed at the Granny Crime statement. What was the story behind it? Have you figured out what needs to be done at work yet?

Patty - I will keep the snow and you can keep that Texas heat The festival sounded like fun - glad you got to enjoy it.

Hi Ellen and Java Turtle

Well I gotta hop in the shower and get on with the day. Have a fun one if you can...
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