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Good almost afternoon kiddos....

Didn't get to the movie...C got up and had to make a stop by his Walmart to pull up product (put it out) as they were completely empty on the shelf. That is his commission, so we both went. Took us about 1.5 hrs to get it done. Missed the morning cheap movies and I refuse to pay 10 bucks a piece to see a maybe next week. We did make it to the orchard. Got a peck of Gala apples, my favorite, crunchy. Bought dad a jar of apple butter stopped by his house for a couple of hours and chatted. Got home about 6pm then Cs daughter came by for a couple of hours to visit. Got to bed about 9....was still tired at 5 when I got up with Miss Sass.

On my lunch plate today all from my garden except the yellow cherry pepper, banana pepper, jalapeno pepper, oh a few grapes from the store. The jalapenos are giving it just the right kick, especially when I eat a grape and a piece of j. pepper...YUM

LAURA....sure do hope the shoulder/elbow aches are fixable with meds rather than any kind of surgery...maybe PT?? Didn't get to the movie as I stated above...just too much going on and so little time to do it in.

CHELLE...glad you are getting some packing done...I am looking forward to you future California move. I have not been there, want to go, and need a sister to visit who lives there. EXCITED for YOU and ME!! lol. ONE DAY AT A TIME sistah! Much Hugs your way! time delimma is about as bad as me waking up on a Sunday and thinking I am late, jump in the shower and hurry along only to find out I could of stayed in bed. Smack, smack byside my head....

HAPPY...yeah, for being a part time job, sure seems like you are working at least a 30 hours week at times.....five days in a row is not part time. My dogs would bark too!! antenna is not always functioning either. Especially when things a amuck in my head (daily). We have a beautiful sunshine out there, but only 52 at the moment, I think the high is 57 today....burr! How is Jen's nose?

Patty...the state fair, that sounds funny to me as our state fair was over in August. Have to get it in before the snow flies. hmmm...corn dogs have those hot dogs in them that freak me out.....they always sound good but I gross myself out with the thought of the hot dog before I ever even get to buy one....sounds like you had some fun at both the state fair and fall festival. Yeah!'s the cough and red eye? Poor thing you are going through heck right now. Feel better. must have you tied up

Not much else going on here. Had a spat with a co-worker, will probably hear from my management over it. Blah. He is such a pr*ck. Nobody likes him or stands up to him because he is a director.....may be my last day...haha

Loves and hugs


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