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Morning all.

Michelle - That's any early start to your day. Hope it's productive for you. Sorry your car is giving you problems - very bad timing! Well...15-20% of the packing done is better than 0% done. Hope it goes more quickly and easily in the coming days and weeks. Don't overdo it! So you see yourself moving back to California sometime in the future? It'll be nice for you to be closer to family.

Mel - I'm glad it's bright and sunny for you today!! Sorry you had alarm trouble over the weekend. Hope the alarm fixes it all and you can enjoy the rest of your holiday. It's a federal holiday, but here in Chicago I guess the kids are in school today to make up time lost during the teachers union strike!

Patty - Your weekend sounds fun. I've never actually had a corndog in my life. I've never had a yen for one, but I do like hot dogs so I have a feeling it would just be another thing I would find yummy and therefore have to resist at those kinds of events. Yeh, getting chilly here in Chicago - in the 30's/40's overnight and 50's/60's during the day. Definitely bring clothees you can layer!! I slothed around all weekend so I didn't get around to cleaning up that one flower bed yet. Brought in my potted flowers - not sure which I'll try to overwinter. The geraniums ended up very scrawny after last winter inside, so forget those even though I loved the color...

Shad - Oh, that darn phone! What an early start for you, especially after your full day yesterday!! Keep the coffee going. Looking forward to photos of the market.

Happy - What a full weekend for you - sounds like the shop was busy, busy, busy. Glad you worked out a schedule with your coworker so you don't have to work 5 days in a row!! I started that book - The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D - but it seemed like it was going to be depressing and I just wasn't up for it and it was coming due, so I just returned it. How did you like it? Should I check it out again?? I seem to be on a fluffy reading streak right now and enjoying it immensely. I'd definitely consider Costco for the next pair of glasses I buy.

Annie - Glad you found a dress you like. I say just bind those girls down - you'll lose weight in other spots too and then the dress might not fit in those areas... How was Hotel Transylvania and the apple picking??

Ceejay - How was your time in Paragould?? Hope your lungs are clearing.

Hellos to Ellen and Mary!
Nothing much to report this morning. The boss is out - dental issue that she saw her dds for last Friday afternoon and it must be a big problem because she's back at the dds this morning for a root canal. Admin is also out today.

I have a vacation day on Wed. for my orthopedic appt re my right arm. The rotator cuff is still gradually getting better and better, but my elbow is still a problem. I have a feeling I'll just be taking NSAIDs. We'll see.

Not really thrilled about taking a day off work mid-week - such a drag going back to work for the rest of the week. Bleh.

I have a number of vacation days to use before year's end and I will probably take several Fridays and/or Mondays off in the next few months. I also got myself on an airfare alert for travel to my mom's, so that might pan out and I'll get out there for a few days. Warned my mom I might be snapping up a last minute deal.

Okay, meeting in 5, so I better post and get ready. Cheers!
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