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Hi all... I put my introduction in the thread but, the short story is, after 20 years of trying to lose the weight I put on in college, I finally did it. About the middle of August I started trying to maintain.

The good news... I have not gained and actually lost 2 lbs. The sort of bad, I am realizing that I can't just "wing it". I have never done this before. And it is showing. From August until now I have been kind of just doing what I think is best. Stumbling along. And there have been a few super cheats, and I don't want that.

So I decided to join and get serious. What are your best advices?

A little bit more about me. As a child I was always a bit chubby but I skated and my mom kept me on good food. When I went to college I was 155. Within a week, I quit skating, got my license, and started school. I didn't think I was being that bad. I just did what everyone else did. I got a hot chocolate and a muffin for breakfast, I went to the cafeteria for lunch and had dinner when I got home. I wore sweats (everyone else did) and I concentrated on my studies. In November of that year -- my brother asked what the lines were on my arms. They were stretch marks. I got on the scale I was 195. Devastating.

But I figured I could lose it. HA! No I couldn't. There were a few trys in college but, my first real try was in 1996. I went on weight watchers. Only lost to 180 and I couldn't lose anymore. Then tried again in 2006 same thing.

This time I got deadly serious and tired HMR. Decision free plan. Which is a very low calorie diet medically monitored. That worked. I lost 60 lbs in 6 months. My health has improved markedly. My blood sugar went from 90 most of the time to 75-77. My liver function is simply amazing -- the only thing is my cholesterol went up but, they seem to think it could be from the low calories. We are just monitoring it. I still have tons of HMR food.

Almost every diet I have ever been on, when I went off, I gained hand over foot. Literally in 2006 I got to 164 and had to go to work for a party --I had like 4 seven layer bars and gained 6 lbs. I never was able to lose it.

This time I haven't had that problem. I suspect that on other diets I might have lost weight and still been somewhat insulin resistant... but now, I am not... so I think that is why I doing better now.

As to exercise, I didn't do significant exercise on the diet. I have a pretty active job and one reason I lost weight was my feet hurt. But since about May I have joined gym and done weights -- I am considering joining a personal trainer. My feet still hurt but not as bad.

The plan to the extent I have one, weigh daily, write down what I eat... try my best to not eat processed sugar type foods / wheat, build back muscle and exercise and if I gain anything over 160.. immediately go back on HMR until the scale says 155 again. I refuse -- to regain this time.

I have a birthday coming up Friday, the bad part... this usually is a major stumbling block. Everyone at work is just insane about pushing food at me and despite my best intent... I know I am going to consume more than I want. Thoughts?
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