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And! One more key thing - I am losing weight. Even though I haven't been 100% on plan (my workplace had insane amount of snacks this week. It was pretty bad. Donuts, cakes, candy, guacamole, chips, beer, literally 6 feet from my desk every day.) Despite some indulgence, I'm still down a pound this week (and two pounds the week before), so I'm pretty pleased about that.

As for hunger - I'm hungrier in the mornings when I wake up. I think this is part because I'm eating dinner earlier the night before and not snacking after and part because I am usually pretty excited about whatever breakfast is. At first it worried me, but overall I seem to get hungry around 8-9am, 12:30ish, and 6ish. I'm a bit of a night owl and even at 11 or midnight, I'm not hungry, so it seems to be working out.

I'm also worried I'm this excited about food - but I guess at least it's healthy food, and clearly portion-controlled, so I suppose there's no harm in it.

217 lb - 10 lb. lost - Achieved! 6/30/11
208 lb - BMI 29.8 (no longer "obese"!) - Achieved! 7/31/11
199 lb - Onederland! - Achieved! 9/11/11
190 lb - where I hope to be for Christmas - Achieved! 10/23/11
180 lb - what I weighed in college! - Achieved! 10/7/12
173 lb - BMI 24.8 (no longer "overweight"!) - Achieved! 12/6/12
160 lb - my lowest former weight! - Achieved! 7/11/13

150 lb - final goal weight!! - (target: 10/1/13)

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