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Ok, been gone a while, but I've been eating Good Measure this week too and am happy to report, I'm still really loving it. The only thing I haven't loved was a butternut squash soup that I found a bit bland (also, I'm not typically a squash soup fan). Everything else has been good to amazing.

I'm really just kind of delighted with how good it is. I keep expecting to get something I dislike, but it all is flavored so well. Right now I'm eating baby lima beans that are soft and buttery and delicious (haven't tried the rest of the meal yet). Lunch was a spinach quiche that I was skeptical of because of my dislike of spinach... but it was really damn tasty. There was quite a lot of spinach, and still it was very good and flavorful, not just mouthfuls of spinach.

I have never liked cooking (I'm actually moving into an apartment without an oven or stove since I never use them), and I think I'm just going to stay on this meal plan forever. After I get down to goal I may up it to their 1700 calorie plan for maintenance, or just supplement with snacks, but... I really like the food and convenience.

Other highlights... There was a steak sandwich for lunch earlier this week that was amazingly good. The bun was packed separately in a baggie, so I heated up the steak, popped it on the fresh bun, and mm. Had a side that was good too, but I forget, probably a veggie.

Also the breakfasts are consistently awesome - one unique one was a "make your own parfait" a few days ago. Came with vanilla Greek yogurt, fruit compote, and some mixed nuts and granola. So good. Even the eggs are pretty good (not amazing, but good). I don't know how you make a reheated egg good.

Ok, I'm going to finish my dinner now and stop obsessing about food, but my main point is, if you're considering meal delivery and live in Atlanta, try Good Measure. At least for 5 days. I don't think there's any chance you'll completely hate it.

I think this is the best I've eaten (healthwise and flavorwise) in as long as I can remember. I'm starting to feel like a bit of a silly fangirl being so positive, but I just really like and look forward to the food. I don't even bother to look ahead to the menu any more to see if anything seems unappealing because I have faith I'm going to like it, whether I think I will or not based on the name.

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